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About Us


Light is our passion. RTGS Products mission is to create a better world through great lighting design and energy efficient LED technology. We strive to explore and cultivate the powers of light in the human experience through lighting products. Customers use our versatile LED lights for a range of endeavors, from traditional uses such as events string lights to unique uses such as building model airports with LED lit runways and beautiful costumes.

RTGS Products was launched in 2009 with a simple objective, to offer a selection of lighting products of the highest standards of passion, creativity and quality. Our standards are clear and simple: our LED lights must be beautiful in design and simplicity, be strong in construction and durable also enable to create a magical atmosphere. We are constantly expanding our product lines and are always innovating unique and creative products.

Our goal is to provide an exceptional online shopping experience and deliver the most amazing LED lights to your door. We constantly strive to be number one in customer service. Additionally, we listen to your feedback and focus on constantly improving our products and offerings.