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How to Light Up Your Bike?

We LOVE to hear how our customers use LED string lights in a variety of unique and fun ways. Recently, we received an e-mail from a customer, Thomas Martin, a cyclist in San Jose, California. Every three weeks, a “bike party” occurs to strengthen the community via bicycling. Thomas has creatively and efficiently illuminated his bikes to liven the party, making his bike cool and easy to be seen at night. Now other participants can’t get enough of it! In this post, you’ll learn his straightforward technique to add our battery operated LED lights to your bike and have the shiniest bike on the block in no time!

Above you see a nice looking bike, but it’s missing that glow that makes it so special. How to achieve luminosity? Follow these simple steps:

  • Zip tie the battery pack to the hub (Center of wheel)
  • Run the LED wire along one spoke (wire) to get to the rim
  • Carefully wrap the wire around each spoke making sure to point the light toward the rim. NOTE: If one of the lights is going to hit exactly on a spoke, back up to the previous spoke and wrap it around twice to use up some wire so the light lands in between spokes.
  • Be sure to wax the spokes so the light bounces off of them.

Now look what you’re result will be:

Check out another transformation:



Think you’re up to the challenge? Grab some of our LED string lights and light up your bike!

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