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No Power? No Problem! LED Lights are Perfect for Power Outages!

Not to sound the alarm, but unexpected and destabilizing events occur frequently throughout the year. Whether they are storms, floods or simply unexpected electricity shortages, one needs to be prepared for unpredictable situations. These incidents often leave us without lights, a fundamental resource upon which we rely on everyday and every night.

Lights such as flashlights already exist but are often bulky and short lasting because they use inefficient and outdated light technology. Instead, imagine that you’re facing a power outage with a set of lightweight, long, easy to set up, durable and efficient lights. Sounds terrific doesn’t it? RTGS Products 20 Micro LED lights offer these perks.

They come on a 7ft ultra thin wire that gives them an incredible amount of potential for lighting spaces. You don’t even need to worry about finding or moving these lights for an emergency. Simply set up and use your RTGS LED lights with three AA batteries.

Wondering if the lights will last the outage? LED lights last on average for 30,000 hours and use a fraction of the energy as normal lights, making them ideal for unpredictable power outages. Not to mention the wire part is totally submersible, or water-proof (but not the power supply), greatly maximizing their safety and utility.

You should never live in fear of unknown or unpredictable, nor should you be unprepared. RTGS Micro LED 7ft string lights both give great functionality and flexibility under normal conditions and offer the perfect response to any sort of power outage that may come your way.

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